Schorn Construction Services

“Open Book” General Contractor Services

During open book agreements we share all subcontractor proposals with the client.  Open Book General Contracting Services creates an environment of total transparency and trust between us and our clients.  We can openly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of certain subcontractors with a focus on building the right team for the project.

Pre-Construction Services

Preconstruction Services aid in coordinating all the logistics that lead up to project start date and ensure that we meet the client’s vision and budget.  Preconstruction Services include estimating, schedules, value engineering, permitting and more.

Commercial General Contracting

As a commercial general contractor, we oversee the entire construction, renovation, remodeling or refurbishing of a commercial project.  Our goal is to be on time, under budget, and with a high level of quality.

Design Build

We create one team to work together seamlessly with design concepts, planning and construction.  Using the Design Build method increases collaboration which accelerates the speed of a project and reduces costs.  This method of collaboration also reduces change orders, oversights, and risk. 

Construction Management

Construction management involves planning, budgeting, coordinating, and supervising construction projects from start to finish. We’ll handle permits, onsite project supervision and value engineering.

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