Commercial General Contractor & Construction Management

Transparent Project Management
Employee-Owned & Operated
Over 35 Years of Experience
Complex Projects Completed on Time
Vetted, Established Network of Subcontractors
Projects Completed
Repeat Customers

Care. Commit. Cooperate.

Every Schorn employee embraces and practices the 3 C’s of our core values. Our culture is built on genuine care, unwavering commitment, and flexible cooperation to make our customers successful!

Your success is our success! Our employees attentively engage with you on each project to understand the nuances. They are professionally, personally, and financially invested in every completed project.


When you bring us on board, you not only get a General Contractor but also a business partner. We keep promises, meet deadlines, and overcome challenges to ensure projects are delivered as planned.


We foster a cooperative project environment in which all of our people, suppliers, and subcontractors work in unison to achieve project priorities (budget, speed, quality). Collaboration is the key to adaptable commercial construction management.

Project Portfolio

See our many completed projects across all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.


We are experts in restaurant construction with a large portfolio of successful projects in the food services industry.

Convenience Store

We are highly experienced in convenience store construction with a large portfolio of successful projects in the food services industry.


We regularly tackle retail projects that require intensive planning and attention to detail executing on the architect’s design and vision.

Places of Worship

We ensure project objectives are met promptly by working within tight budgets, minimizing surprise costs, and delivering value while respecting donor funds.

Industrial & Mission Critical

Industrial projects are among our most complex functionally and require detailed planning to make critical project milestones with a focus on MEP coordination.


In complex commercial projects, our team ensures that critical timelines are met through strict yet resilient scheduling.


We are committed to providing non-profits with needed support and care through aggressive pricing to ensure these crucial organizations can thrive.

The ESOP Difference

Employee Stock Option Plan

Schorn Construction transformed their company by embracing an ESOP model making every employee a part owner of the company. Our culture maps the success of Schorn and its employees directly to that of our customers. ESOPs increase employee retention and attract top talent so our project managers often develop lasting relationships with clients. This continued synergy among our people and our clients is one of the biggest benefits of the ESOP model.

At Schorn Construction, our entire organization is mapped to the success of your project…literally!

What Our Clients Say

Exceptional Project Management

From Start to Finish

Our Project Management Process emphasizes transparency, early involvement, and collaboration throughout the project. We prioritize upfront budgeting and proactive issue identification to minimize change orders and client surprises. Our dedicated team structure and focus on communication ensures smooth project execution and client satisfaction.

  1. Our Process And Team Building Sets Us Apart: We create a team made up of the client, architect and Schorn Construction to plan and coordinate from day one to avoid setbacks. 
  2. Open Book Collaboration: When the client, architect and Schorn Construction collaborate, we achieve budget transparency that enables the architect to design a project that fits the client’s budget and achieves the project goals.  Schorn Construction provides means, methods and materials pricing transparency during this process.   
  3. Upfront Budget Transparency: Creating detailed upfront budgets provides client peace of mind by outlining exactly how and where their money will be spent.  When we work as a team, we can point out any tasks that have uncertainty and provide budget safety nets that help to avoid surprise change orders.
  4. Meticulous Drawing Review: Through a meticulous review process, we are able to work with the architect & engineer to ensure that drawings include all necessary details from a constructability viewpoint. Through this collaboration our pricing and final drawings are able to be more encompassing leading to a better project.
  1. Competitive Subcontractor Bidding: Procuring bids from many pre-vetted subcontractors helps the client make informed decisions. 
  2. Transparent Bid Analysis: We analyze more than just price, offering insights based on experience, trust, and timelines.
  1. Dedicated Project Team: A dedicated superintendent and project manager ensures consistent communication and oversight.
  2. Detailed Planning & Logistics: Detailed planning and logistics involves the careful ordering and tracking of long lead materials; development of phasing schedules; and thorough scope planning with subcontractors. 
  3. Proactive Communication: Weekly meetings with stakeholders and daily progress reports with photos keeps everyone informed.
  1. Quality Control & Assurance: We prioritize timely completion with high-quality standards.
  2. Warranties & Permits: Comprehensive warranty packages and permit closures tie up loose ends to ensure a smooth and complete project handover.

Our Partners

Experience smooth project execution and trust through our meticulous procurement process. Rely on our trusted network of subcontractors who prioritize open communication as well. We offer competitively bid projects with the option for the “Open Book” model for clients who wish to be more hands-on. Whether or not you choose to use an “open book” approach, we focus on value, trust, and communication that builds a solid foundation for successful projects and lasting client satisfaction.

Extensive network of trusted subcontractors, prioritized for repeat projects.
Rigorous vetting process for new subcontractors.
Focus on fair pricing and value to achieve the lowest cost.
“Open book” bids with detailed pricing breakdowns for clients.
Open communication and transparency encouraged with subcontractors.